New Construction Homes

new-home-constructionColorado Springs has seen massive growth in the past 25 years, and new home construction has tried to keep up with the demand. There are dozens of home builders in town, and we have found new homes for many clients.

One myth we often hear people saying about buying a new home is: “I’ll save money if I go directly to the builder and don’t hire a real estate agent.” This is actually not the case, however—home builders do not give discounts for buying direct. This is good news! The overall price of buying a just-built home is the same whether you have hired a real estate agent or not.

In Colorado Springs, there are several reputable builders we can work with, including: Richmond American, Melody, Today’s, Pulte, Classic, Keller, Campbell, Symphony, Journey, Vantage, Saint Aubyn Homes, Oakwood, Creekstone, Challenger and more. We can work with you to find the right builder, on the right side of town, for the right price.

If you’re not sure whether the home you want is already on the market or needs to be built from scratch, just give us a call and we can help you find out whether buying an existing home or having a new home built is right for you. Contact us for more info about new homes.

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