Springs Home Finders – Colorado Springs Fire!

Welcome to the first post for Springs Home Finders.  Right now Colorado Springs is experiencing its biggest fire in history, The Waldo Canyon fire.  Colorado Springs has a population of around 416,000 but of course this changes daily as people relocate daily due to job transfers and PCS’ing.  But this numbers gives an idea how many of us call Colorado Springs in the county of El Paso home.  The one thing that has been evident about the residents is that everyone has come together effortlessly to assist each other during this time.

As you drive through the city and look at the horizon of where this fire is taking place it is hard to believe just how close it is to us.  So many times a person gets accustomed to hearing about disasters that happen elsewhere.  And of course you have compassion for their situation but when it is happening in your own back yard and to people you know it really makes it register just how tragic situations like this are to communities and the people who are directly affected by the loss of their home.

Colorado Springs and the surrounding cities have come together to give the best support possible to those affected.  So many people are stepping up and offering their homes to those who have been displaced during this time.  Others have been making donations to local charities, while others from the community have been going as far as offering to pick up other peoples donations and deliver them to the local charities.  As a community we have really come together and are taking care of each the best we can during this time.

The fire is still burning today but hopefully today more progress will be made today to contain it and get it out soon.  There have been some amazing images that have been captured and can be viewed with this link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/25/colorado-wildfires-2012-p_n_1624274.html.

The local law enforcement has been working diligently and going without sleep to keep us all safe.  They have had to enforce mandatory evacuations in many neighborhoods while the United States Air Force Academy also had to be evacuated.  As of this morning the base is now safe and the people that call the Air Force Academy home can return and the new cadets are starting basic training.

This fire is far from over but Colorado Springs is a strong community and together we will all rebuild together when it is time.