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Home Staging Secrets for a Quick Sale!

Selling your home can be a stressful experience. Packing, moving, interviewing agents and figuring out all the details for your new destination will quickly fill up your plate, so who has time to think about a sparkling clean home at the same time? Utilize the tips below to help ease the transition, kick the clutter and sell your home!!

1. A Clean Home is a Home That SELLS!

That’s right, cleanliness matters! Make sure that your home is tidy for your showings- EVERY TIME. Dedicate the weekend before your listing goes LIVE to deep cleaning your home! You are moving, my friend, so start living simpler, cleaner and packing up the non-essentials! Vacuum under and behind EVERYTHING, dust and clean your window sills, be detailed and thorough! Clean out your kitchen cabinets, your refrigerator and your bathrooms- those tend to be the messiest places in any home.

DO: bake something sweet or use a light, airy, vanilla or simple plug in air freshener on LOW around the house.
DO NOT: overwhelming spray fragrances all over the house- it is offensive and suspicious!

2. Pack the Personal!

You will get to enjoy hanging up those family portraits in your new place- leave room for the new owners to envision their own family photos on the walls! Pack away your doll collections, your knick-knacks and the children’s toys in the middle of the living room.

DO: leave some artwork on the walls, take down excessive refrigerator magnets and papers
DO NOT: leave your Michael Jackson shrine up for everyone to see because “they will love it.” They will not.

3. Lift the Rugs!

Let potential buyers see the beautiful tile work in the kitchen, the freshly vacuumed and cleaned carpets and the sparkling clean bathrooms! Every space will look refreshed and bigger without them. It’s OK (and encouraged!) to leave a front door mat out to wipe your feet on, but that’s the only exception!

DO: have a beautiful welcome mat on your front stoop.
DO NOT: leave that used and abused rug with the cute chubby chef on it in the kitchen.

4. Kick The Clutter!

Keep rooms simple and clean with minimal furniture and a sharp eye for unnecessary decor. If possible, downsize to using just ONE of your bathrooms to ensure the others are show ready at the drop of a hat and stocked with toilet paper and hand soap. Keep bedrooms simple with a freshly made bed and maybe a nightstand or a dresser. Keep closets free of clutter, start by packing up the clothes that aren’t in season. Give living rooms an open feel by removing all but one couch, a chair and a table. If there is a fireplace, let that be a focal point. Family rooms should be open and inviting, bookshelves are great if they are well maintained and dusted. Kitchen counters should be absolutely EMPTY- start living out of your drawers and cabinets.

DO: have a bowl of fresh fruit in the clean kitchen.
DO NOT: leave toys all over the house, have three couches that don’t quite fit or match in the family room.

5. Finally, and most importantly, ALWAYS take a showing!

It is true that everything above matters and is so important to selling your home as quickly as possible. HOWEVER, if you don’t show, you will never know! Buyers can look past your dirty laundry on the floor (please use hampers, at least!) and they will always be willing to let you just step out (ALWAYS step out for showings, it can be awkward if you don’t!) if they are interrupting dinner or some other activity, but if you don’t allow that buyer to show on THEIR schedule, you could lose a sale! Do yourself a favor and if you are going to list, just be prepared to be inconvenienced for a short time (the more you do above, the shorter the time!!) to SELL, SELL, SELL THAT HOUSE!

DO: show your house!!
DO NOT: stay and make it awkward for everyone, turn down a showing because you didn’t do laundry, sabotage your home from selling!

Best of luck on your home selling journey! Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us for any other tips or advice!