Peak Producers

The Springs Home Finders team is a member of the Pikes Peak “Peak Producers,” which is a group that recognizes the top 10% of realtors in El Paso County. Peak Producers is not just a name — it represents the core values we strive to have in our members, our organization and our impact on the real estate community.  Simply put, we want to work with the best, in the best way possible, to achieve the best results.

Why work with a Peak Producer?

  • The top 10% of Agents in 2014 each closed a minimum of 22 transactions.
  • The top 10% of Agents closed nearly half of all the local real estate transactions in 2014. Peak Producer Agents closed 19% of the total transactions.
  • The top 10% of Agents in 2014 closed an average of 38 transactions each, compared to an average of 5 transactions each for the remaining 90% of local real estate agents. Peak Producer Agents closed an average of 47 transactions!
  • The top 10% of Agents in 2014 closed on average 7.6 times more transactions than the average from the remaining 90%. Peak Producer Agents closed on average over 5 times as many transactions as the average for all real estate agents in the PPMLS for 2014.

If you’d like to work with us, feel free to search for homes, or contact us. We look forward to working with you!